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  • Tree of Life


    Our first Tree of Life was delivered promptly at 10.00am on Sunday morning by Sam Crowe of RC OF Carrickfergus. Sam positioned the 30ft tree off a 40ft truck with the aid of a telescopic crane.
    It was a miracle of precsion, but also the mark of a rotarian with experience!
    Rotarians got up early and helped Sam finally position the tree into the bespoke base.
    Thanks to Sam and his team for their help and guidance over the last 2 months.
    Our Tree of Life is mounted into a 6ft by 6ft concrete base which is nearly 1ft thick The base is nearly 2 tonnes in weight!  Colin Suckling hired a mobile lift early on wednesday morning, which helped us establish a number of vertical ribbons to tie an estimated 10,000 ribbons on to the tree.
    These ribbons will cover the tree over the next 13 days.
    It`s amazing what rotarians can do when their fired up!   John McIlroy overcame his fears and helped Pres Trevor tie the ribbons to the top of the tree.
    President Trevor announced at our Friday meeting “This is a great project for our club to complete. It is frabric and what Rotary and Inner Wheel stand for. Lisburn along with other 5 trees in Northern Ireland will raise a hugh a amount of money for some very importantlocal charities.
    Every one will agree that this project has tested our powers of communication in Rotary and Inner Wheel. Every Rotarian and Inner Wheeler in our has contributed in some way and when the project is completed we will have involved over 125 people giving of their time and commitment. This is true testament of why people join Rotary or Inner Wheel.